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Welcome to the new age. Podcasting offers the rare opportunity to convey an authentic brand voice while driving an actionable response from its audiences.


A mature, consistent medium that's scalable. When executed with our ROI based tactics, terrestrial radio and satellite radio can be very cost-effective ways to reach new customers.


A hybrid digital and audio channel that allows advertisers to achieve reach, target effectively and keep the authentic brand voice.


YouTube stars are a natural extension of any endorsement or influencer marketing plan and we can help you reach and engage the 1.3 billion annual viewers.

Social Audio

Audio ad masters execute across the full suite of audio ad solutions spanning from podcasting to social audio platforms Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Facebook Rooms and smart speakers.

Satellite Radio

The main differences between terrestrial radio and satellite radio are the broadcast technology each one uses, differences in programming, ad availability, and costs.

Podcast integrations should be a part of any robust influencer marketing strategy as they bring brands, hosts and listeners together in a purposeful, meaningful way.

Our Ad Campaigns Work

A Golden Strategy

Molson Coors came to ARM looking to engage consumers on their terms in an environment they care about. The growth of podcasting with Molson Coors consumers over the part year was unequivocal. Prioritizing podcast advertising allowed Molson Coors to overcome several brand barriers and speak directly to growth segments.

Due to limited ad load, vertical exclusivity and authentic host endorsements, Molson Coors was able to break through to consumers and portray the brand stories.

ARM was able to effectively scale Molson's podcasting efforts to drive meaningful reach, relevance, and resonance and response.

growth in first year

direct response & in-store purchases

drove superfans across 
brand portfolio

Audio Hijacking The Big Game

FanDuel partnered with ARM to increase outreach and audio performance through cost-effective advertising across various audio platforms during the Super Bowl while competing against other Tier 1 ad markets.

Thanks to an increase in frequency of spots across audio elements that were low in cost (broad rotators) in hand selected markets, podcasts and terrestrial radio, FanDuel capitalized on a major media moment for the brand. Two brand new markets drove increased by 472% WoW.

In WoW Activations


Exceeded Predicted CPA


Performance of All YTD During Super Bowl week alone

Molson Coors Brewing Company
Sleep Number
Legacy Box

I have always been blown away by how the Ad Results team consistently goes to bat for their clients and helps them stay ahead of their competition. They are the leaders in helping brands find new ways to propel their business through effective and impactful campaigns in audio, influencer and more.

Will Flaherty SVP of Growth at Ro
Kevin Walsh

When we made a commitment to really lean into the podcasting space, we needed to find an expert, an agency that was doing it better than anyone else. That’s why we built our partnership with ARM. They have authority in the space from execution, to network relationships and especially brand safety.

Kevin Welsh Senior Marketing Manager, Media - North America at Molson Coors Beverage Company
Dan Patrick

I've worked with ARM since the early days of The Dan Patrick Show. For almost a decade, they've connected us to key, long-term advertising partners and understand the value of personal endorsement. They respect the importance of an authentic relationship between talent and product. It's a pleasure doing business with them.

Dan Patrick Host